How deep is the deepest point in Subnautica? [Solved] (2022)

How deep is the deepest point in Subnautica?

The maximum possible depth the player can reach is 8,192 meters in Subnautica by going down the dropoff at the Crater Edge: passing this will immediately warp the player and any vehicle they are in to Lifepod 5.... read more ›

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What vehicle goes the deepest in Subnautica?

The Cyclops is the ultimate vehicle in the game; this submarine is so giant you can even store a Seamoth or a Prawn Suit inside it. This big boy can reach 500 meters of depth, and that number can go up to 1700 meters once the Cyclops is fully upgraded.... see details ›

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How do you get deeper in Subnautica?

Depth. In shallow waters, the biggest concern is making sure you can reach the surface, but at 200m below reaching the surface might not even be an option. Build a Seamoth as soon as possible. ​​​​​​Effectively a mobile air source, a Seamoth can allow you to reach extreme depths by bringing the oxygen down with you.... view details ›

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How long is the map in Subnautica?

The map is approximately 4000 meters across and the deepest part story-wise is just shy of 1500 meters down. If we assume an approximate shape of a rectangular prism containing the entire world map, that would be 4000m x 4000m x 1500m = 24,000,000,000m or 24 million km cubed.... see details ›

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Is Subnautica in a crater?

The Crater is the area in which the main story of Subnautica takes place. The Crater and Sector Zero are the two major ecosystem centers known on Planet 4546B.... view details ›

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What biome is Lifepod 19 in?

Deep Sparse Reef
... see details ›

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Is the blood kelp zone safe?

The two Blood Kelp biomes are among the game's most dangerous areas, so it's worth knowing what to expect before heading into these zones.... see details ›

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What happens if you go too far in Subnautica?

What's past the "end of the world?" So, it's pretty clear to me that the Subnautica world has an "end" to it, at least laterally. If you sail in any direction, you'll eventually run into a shelf break after seemingly 2-3 km at most.... view details ›

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Can Seamoth go deeper than 900m?

The Seamoth Depth Module MK3 is an upgrade module that increases the maximum dive depth of the Seamoth to 900 meters. It can be crafted by upgrading the Seamoth Depth Module MK2 with the Modification Station.... continue reading ›

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Does Subnautica have a time limit?

Originally posted by Suzaku: No, there is no time limit. You're safe from old age and spoilers.... view details ›

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Does the Aurora sink?

If you explore it while it's submerged, the sinking event will trigger once you obtain the resource. If you wait long enough, the ship will sink on it's own and you'll need to navigate down the massive hole created by it.... continue reading ›

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Can you play Subnautica forever?

Yes it is. You can play forever as long as you don't get bored before forever arrives. If you want to just play around and ignore the story you could use the creative mode.... continue reading ›

How deep is the deepest point in Subnautica? [Solved] (2022)

Is 4546B a real planet?

This planet's name is 4546B; that B isn't random. It means that Subnautica's planet was the first planet discovered orbiting around the star 4546, making this star 4546A. In case you're wondering, both Planet 4546B and the star 4546A are located in the outer reaches of the Ariadne Arm.... see details ›

How far out is the void Subnautica?

The Crater Edge was originally called The Void and the Dead Zone. The Crater Edge is the deepest biome in the game. The Crater Edge is one of the two biomes that do not harbor flora, the other being the Lava Lakes. The Crater Edge's terrain goes beyond 8192 meters, however this cannot be viewed without bugs or mods.... continue reading ›

How many Reaper leviathans are in the dunes?

There are 25 reaper leviathans in Subnautica; 7 in the mountains, 8 in the dunes and 10 in the crash zone.... see more ›

How deep can Seamoth go Subnautica?

The Seamoth Depth Module MK3 is an upgrade module that increases the maximum dive depth of the Seamoth to 900 meters. It can be crafted by upgrading the Seamoth Depth Module MK2 with the Modification Station.... see details ›

Is the Seamoth faster than the Seaglide?

Subnatica Seaglide is incredibly fast even compared to vehicles - within 10% of Seamoth, faster than Cyclops, and significantly faster than stripped down Seatruck.... see more ›

Is Seamoth or Cyclops faster?

Yep, the Cyclops is slower. It might "feel" faster, because of its size. I prefer the Seamoth for travelling large distances unless I really need my mobile base. Not having to constantly watch your surroundings to avoid damage to the Cyclops makes traveling with the Seamoth even faster and more convenient.... view details ›

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